There are these three little letters that when put together can silence a room, can destroy a life, can cast judgement.


I have blogged about HIV/AIDS before, maybe more than once, so I do not want to bore you with the same old soap box.  I will link you to my old posts in case you are curious though…

(You didn’t read it did you!  Go back and read it…)

O.K. now that we are all on the same page let me tell you about some of my interactions with H.I.V infected people….

I have met dozens of children that I know are infected with H.I.V.  I have given them piggy back rides, let them braid my hair, hug me, kiss me, walk hand in hand with me.  I have rubbed their back, ruffled their hair and kissed their cheeks.  They have sat on my lap and traced my hand.  They are not all black or from Africa.  Here are some pictures of children. Can you tell me which ones have H.I.V????

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I can’t, these are just random pictures of kids I met.  I know that that many of these kids most likely do have H.I.V. but they are just kids, kids who deserve to be kids.

I did meet lots of kids who were HIV positive and were at an orphanage that only works with children who have a positive diagnosis.  And I watched those kids sing songs, laugh, swing and slide, I gave high fives to a few boys who thought they were sooo cool to know how to give high 5’s.

Please challenge yourself.  Please accept that there are people in your life who are positive and you would NEVER know, but if you did, ask yourself, would it really matter?


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