Not quite…

Amharic is a very difficult language to learn… In English you have one word with many meanings, but in Amharic there are many words for one meaning.  The pronunciation is insane…They have about 100 more letters in the alphabet and most of them are called explosives….they are just noises we are incapable of making.

One thing I did notice is that the Amharic language does not have a “th”.  So when talking to someone they might say “I TINK so” instead of “I think so”…

This is a sample conversation

Sarah: Chiggeralla

Danny: No alla

Sarah: alla?

Danny: no alla

Sarah: that’s what I said, chiggeralla!

Danny: say: alla

Sarah:  ugh

Here is a video of Danny and Helina teaching Julie and Jill how to pronounce a word


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