What it should be…

Last night I got to sit in the driveway with neighbors (one of my favorite summer pass times).  We all relax in lawn chairs, talk about everything and nothing and watch the children play.  Last night little Delilah joined us.  She is our newest neighbor at 8 months old.  D. was the life of the party.  She had the attention of 4 adults who were holding her, tickling her, making silly baby noises at her and sticking their heads in her tummy to make her laugh.  We gave up all pretense of adult conversation and were completely immersed in Deliliah.  Every 5-10 minutes all the older kids would come rushing up the drive way on their scooters, bikes and rip sticks to get their Delilah fix as well.

Abby's silly face

At some point it hit me, THIS is what it should be for all children.  I spent 10 days working with kids in orphanages that were the center of NO ONE’s world.  No one made them giggle or kept them up past their bed time just because their laugh was so infectious.  No one stopped their playing just to touch the soft baby skin.

The infamous Delilah

Every child deserves his circle of adults, making fools of themselves, simple for the sheer pleasure of laughter.


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