I noticed that there are a lot of contradictions in Ethiopia…. Maybe contradictions is not the right word, but I will give you some examples so you can get the drift…

Driving down the road there was an armed guard.  He was in a black uniform, standing outside a gate, holding a gun….and wearing flip flops, yellow ones : )

One night we went out for dinner, pizza.  The waitress brought out our pizza, and we had no plates, napkins or silverware.  The pizza just rested on the table.  But when we asked for straws, she brought them out, in wrappers, on a plate.

You wash your hands before you eat, but then you eat with your fingers and do not wash them after you eat (well you eventually do, but it seems like a long time before you get the opportunity.

There is a great restaurant, “Addis Rodeo” The entire decor is Texas, cowboy hats, menus in the shape of saddles, staff dressed up like cowboys, but the music? 50’s bebop…

Speaking of restaurants, we also spent some time at a great place called Bon, they have an outdoor bar which is great for relaxing and conversations.  The bar looks like a tikki bar on a carribian Island, straw roof, palm trees… but then you get a little closer and realize that they are also going for the sports bar atmosphere, and there are jersey’s hanging from the ceiling.  And the music?  American rap.

At the feeding program (this is where YZM feeds children on Saturday who have very little access to food) the children wanted to share their food, on their plates with us, healthy Americans


The Ethiopians want to have conversations with Americans in English and the Americans what to have conversations with Ethiopians in Amharic.  One day in a dark hallway outside of a bathroom a woman looked at me and said “Hello how are you?” and after we had completed the entire back and for in English I said to her…”Selam, de na neesh?” and we had to do the entire thing in Amharic as well.

What about the gas station with no gas?

You can not talk on your cell phone while you drive, but you can drive on the wrong side of the road or turn 2 lanes into 4…

Or the fact that Americans have to be on time, but Ethiopians can still be late….

And finally, Oranges? Well, they are green…


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