When speaking English as a second launguage there are bound to be mistakes.  I had to start writing some of them down as it became very funny.  For example, our co-worker Yoseph was eating Ingera and wanted Julie to try it so he said: “I will bite you” (instead of I will feed you)

Nesibu (the director of YZM) was trying to say he would meet Jill in the hotel lobby, instead he said: “I will meet you in your bedroom!”

In a conversation about sleeping in, Yoseph stated confidently “Sleeping after the alarm is very tasty!”

In trying to decide if a small child was a boy or a girl Yoseph exclaimed: “She is a boy!”

A random sales person in a store stopped me to say:”I love white people!

Sibilu was telling a story and used the following phrase “This is the moment, let me seize it!”

Of course I made a few mistakes myself.  I walked into a Sunday School class full of children and instead of saying “Selam!” (hello) I put a big smile on my face and exclaimed “Caio!”

Later, I was photographing some brothers, I had learned the word for brothers in Amharic, but unfortunately it starts with the same letter as the work liar.  So I had them all ready to be photographed looked at them sweetly and called them liars….

We also noticed a few errors in printed material (especially menus)

Gordon Blue, Beet (instead of beef), Chiken, Paper steak, papper steak, see food, Gauliflower in special style, Protens and byilders, healt management….

There is also one menu item worth mentioning that thankfully we did not try….”Angelica Stewed Penis”.


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