“It’s Better Than” by guest blogger, Jill VanderBent

This is a phrase we hear many times, when talking about the condition in which children live, as well as their lives.  We have been told that in many circumstances and situations children are in, that: “it is better than”.

This is better than that…. Ripped torn clothes are better than none.  Tent covered homes are better than no home.  An orphanage is better than living on the street with their family.  An abusive home is better than an orphanage.  Being a restavic (child slave) is better than living on the streets alone and abandoned.  Selling your body for money is better than no money at all.  This orphanage is better than that one. 

So as you read all of these situations and circumstances and think about the innocent vulnerable, helpless lives of children, are we really ok with saying “Well at least it is better than that”?  Are we truly justifying the conditions in which we place our children in and walk away at the end of the day satisfied because “well at least it is better than…”?

Do we say this because we have to?  Do we say this because it selfishly helps us feel better at night?  We say it because we want to sleep at night and go about our life not worrying about our world’s children because “well at lease it is better than!”  We want to continue our lives not bothered with the many children in our world without families, homes, love, care, concern, happiness, safety, clothes, houses, food, water, family, medication, hugs, kisses, laughter, joy, hope and God.. 

My question is WHY?  While you go to bed at night, comfortable because in your mind you justified a child’s tragic situation as “better than”, I cry, I weep, I pray, I plead for these lonely orphaned, vulnerable children of our world.  Because to me, when it comes to children, NOTHING, yes NOTHING, is “better than”.  When it comes to children this is NOT acceptable.  We can not justify their tragedies by saying “well at least it is better than…”. 

Children deserve the best life we can give them. So while you sleep soundly at night, comfortable and safe, I am telling the world, “It is NOT better than” when it comes to the life of children!!!!!!


One thought on ““It’s Better Than” by guest blogger, Jill VanderBent

  1. AMEN! I noticed the “it’s better than” mind set more and more the further we got into our adoption journey. If you have to say, “it’s better than”, than whatever “it” is, is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

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