Jet Lag

I got too cocky.  I have been sleeping very well, still tired at times during the day, but bearable.  I fall asleep and stay asleep.  But it is 1:20 a.m here (6:20) at home and I am wide awake.  I tried going to bed at 10:30.  I was tired… Then Jill and I got to talking and then we got to laughing, and then we solved all the problems in the world.  Then we tried to kill a few mosquitoes.  Then she feel asleep and I tried. And tried. And tired.  So I put in my head phones and  listened to Harry Potter for a LONG time in the dark.  I tossed, I turned, I arranged pillows.  I blinked 100 times very fast.  NOTHING.  So I came out to the “Sitting Room” (We are currently in a hotel in Nazereth, 2 hours away from Addis) to read.  I even took a sleeping pill.  Nope, I am wide awake.

Not to mention it is stifling hot in this room.  There is no air conditioning or fan, which is not a big deal, but there are also  no screens on the windows and we are in Malaria country so we do not dare leave the windows open.  We are also on ground level so any one of the drunk and rowdy people at the pool today could just walk right in and take our stuff.  (yes, you did read drunk and rowdy, which is a first for me here, usually people are more quiet and intimate, and by the way since I am thinking of these people we saw today hanging out by the pool, there was a man with a  really inappropriate bathing suit who did an awesome belly flop.  I think he was trying to show off to his friends and got a little too cocky).

Tomorrow is our first real day of work.  We have had lots of meetings and such, but tomorrow, we actually work ourselves.  We will be observed, we will ask questions and write addendums to are basic training.  We are meeting staff and foster/adoptive families and are representing Bethany Christian Services and Yezelelem Minch and here I sit.

I know many people deal with insomnia often, but this is truly a first for me.  I am not looking for pity, just trying to process my stuffy, mosquito infested night and focus on the fact that most people in this country deal with hot, bugs and little sleep, but not in a nice hotel with a full belly, an indoor bathroom, a bed, a couch a fridge, a tv… you get the drift.  I am sure many of these people will be serving us breakfast in the morning!

So count your blessings with me tonight faithful readers and sleep well!

Caio for now.



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