Caio for now

Have you noticed I have been signing all my blogs Caio for now? This is a phrase I stole from my friends at Yezelelem Minch (see earlier post to learn more about YZM). When a family comes to adopt, or a mission group comes to work, or a trainer comes to train they are given a coffee ceremony on their last day. If you do not know “Caio” is the word Ethiopians use to say good by (there is a big Italian influence here). YZM, instead of saying goodbye, has taken to saying “Caio for now”, meaning goodbye is not forever. They truly feel that their partners, whether families or professionals, are a part of their ministry and it is clear the partners feel this way to. YZM has a guest house where many adoptive families stay. They are treated with such love and respect that they feel completely at home. They are also able to witness this ministry first hand. The majority of these people end up sponsoring a child. Many get friends, families and churches to sponsor children as well. One woman went home and started a sponsorship campaign that has recruited hundreds of sponsors for these children. She does not cease in her efforts. Others bring church groups back for mission work. Some come back to adopt again. One family had a vision to help raise money to help YZM buy their own property so they would not have to rent. This happened in the early spring and he already has a web site, state fundraising leaders and thousands of dollars raised. I feel very small in the mists of these great people. I love to see this grass roots organization thrive, it shows me that anything is possible. If one woman with a dream started this organization from her impoverished home in Ethiopia, that now serves thousands of children and keeps them safe in families, what can we do? We are all just one person, but we just need to join up with one more and another. Soon we are a group, we have a vision, we have support. We can change! Now I want you all to go on You Tube, find an old recording of “We are the World” and give it a listen! Caio for now!


2 thoughts on “Caio for now

  1. I just discovered your blog! (You think you’re behind in this technology….) Thank you for sharing this with us. What an experience. I told Jill I would fight for a spot on the team if I were 10 years younger. Now I think maybe I would need to be 20 years younger…at least. Take care of yourselves, Girls. You are loved and missed and in our prayers. Keep those “cards and letters coming.” Bettye Jo

    …hope I did this right.

  2. Ah….this sounds like the Sarah I know :). I hope all three of you will soon be having a peaceful and uninterrupted night of sleep.

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