I wrote two blogs on the way here (about the way here), but had no access to internet so here they are now : )

Chicago Blog

What an adventure already!  Once I last signed off we were not sure if we were boarding to Chicago.  We met a few friends there, one from Texas, one from London(who by the way does not like London and  thinks Americav is the greatest think since sliced bread).  We also met a very nice man from Wisconsin who was carrying a cooler with a radio in it.  Hmmm.  So once we board the plane we got a lot of attention from the Stewardess who thought we were fun.

When we arrived in Chicago, we raced through the enormous airport, lost, our gate no where to be found.  We finally got directions and were taking an escalator to a tram and all of a sudden Julie starts laughing.  She ran over to two people and hugged and kissed them.   Julie’s PARENTS  Bob and Pat (who live inChicago) were waiting for us with bags full of candy for each of us.  They escorted us to Turkish Air where we met a very friendly ticket person who we tried to convince to give us first class seats.  Nariman, taught us a few Turkish words which we promptly forgot so he wrote them down.  He also sang us the Turkish Airline song.  We asked him for an upgrade and offered  Julie’s phone number in return.  He wanted the number, but no upgrade…..Although he did give us e xit seats for our flight from Isanbul to Addis.

After about 20 minutes where Nariman was trying to get us seats together we finally made it to the next line, and the next.  Now we are sitting on the floor at gate M 12, sharing a wall with Drew, who is another new friend who is on his way to Kenya to study about HIV/AIDS in the middle age population as well as the affects of alcohol and HIV.

I just love people!!!!!!!  In my next life I think I shall work in an airport and continue to set people up : )

Caio for now!  Sarah (and Jill and Julie)


Turskish Air

As our friend Nariman promised, Turkish air is quite nice.  Not that I have much to compare it too.  Decent amount of leg room, a little foot rest, the seats recline a lot and they give you a little care package with socks, eye cover, earplugs, and lip balm.

We are sitting next to some fun people who, while we were awake, like to laugh with us.  Julie and Jill say that I am good at meeting people, I would disagree, I usually do not meet strangers well.  As I thought about this, I think they see our collective joy and excitement and want to share in it.  All the people we have meet and talked to  are just as joyful and happy as we are.

Once thing ever local has told us is that “1 week is not enough!” We talk about traveling and where we want to go and each person says “You need at least 6 months and you have to learn the language!!!!!!”

I am all for that, but I will take 10 days anywhere  and 20 words  in Amharic if that is what I can get and make the most of it!

We arrived in Turkey with out incident, we had to walk off the plane onto the tarmac so we decided because our feet walked on Turkish “soil” and we breathed Turkish air, we can officially say we have been to Turkey.  We navigated this airport much better than Chicago and now await our flight to Addis…

Little sleep, no fresh air and bad food have taken some of the travel adrenaline away, but we are on the last leg of the journey so that gives me much excitement again.   Except for the nagging feeling that I am somehow at the wrong gate, Julie and Jill insist it is right and I seem to be surrounded by Ethiopians, but there is no  sign that says our flight number, but I am to weary to care.

Maybe I will go find a diet coke and see if I can get Jill and Julie to laugh a bit, that always wakes me up!


Caio for now!



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