The Night Before

Hello all, I am excited for you to follow my journey.  If I could, my job would be to travel the world and blog about it.

I am not sure how well this will go and if I am going to upload the blog myself or if I will have to email my mom back home to help me out.  So just in case….THANKS MOM!

I am freshly returned from a trip to Disney World (Thanks A.L.!!!) and did some laundry and repacked my suitcases.  I am bringing gifts for friends, books for staff, medicines I hope I never have to use and a few other odds and ends (i.e. Dove Dark Chocolate)

I am also bringing a few gifts for the boy I sponsor (oh, you are interested in sponsorship?  Click HERE)

In fact the entire reason for this trip has nothing at all to do with international adoption and everything to do with helping children to staying in their own community.  We will be training staff who are starting foster care and domestic adoption programs in their communities.  We will be working with Yezelalem Minch, a great organization who helps keep children in birth families through micro finance, job training and feeding programs. Oh you want some more info on this organization? I am happy to help, click HERE )

I feel truly blessed to be a part of a such an amazing organization that is not just passionate about adoption, but passionate about all children belonging in families….Not just American families.  I  just can not believe how big my passion has grown in the last 12 years working for Bethany.  From adoption, to social services, to training and education, HIV to writing manuals and program development I am never bored and always learning.  I learn from my co-workers, my clients and the kids I work with.

So again. looking forward to sharing my journey with you!  Peace!


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