GR Ford

An adventure needs to start some where and ours began a few hours ago in the GR airport.  We had to arrive extra early cause our ride had to be back in Holland by 5 so we sat and chatted and made some friends.  So far our “high” has been security.  I was singing a little tune as we walked up, the security guards liked it, offered me a mic and we were about to all head to broadway together.  They even offered me a job!  But our mission is steadfast.

Our plane to Chicago leaves in 45 minutes and then we fly to Istanbul and land in Addis Ababa at 12:15 at night on Thursday (actually Friday).  We will likely have no internet connection once we leave Chicago, but we do anticipate lots of excitement on the flights so we will take good notes.

Jill and Julie give a big shout out to all their followers as well.

Ciao for now!


3 thoughts on “GR Ford

  1. Sarah, Jill and Julie,

    Looking forward to following your journey to Ethiopia. Many blessings to you all as you work for God’s Kingdom. Wishing you safe travels and health. Blessings, Jamie

  2. I am thinking of you guys. Sorry I missed the send off today at the office (I was in session). I look forward to following your story and don’t you worry about a thing, I have everything covered while you are gone!!!

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